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Sharynne Azhar

Collection of various coding notes, projects, thoughts.

  1. React ND - Day #3

    Day #3 Worked from 3:43am - 4am Made it through Lesson 4 Lesson 4: Rendering UI with External Data Nothing special in this lesson. It took about 40 minutes to complete. It introduced React’s Lifecycle Events. Lifecycle Events These are special methods each React component has that allows us to... Read More

  2. React ND - Day #2

    Day #2 Worked from 10:45pm to 12:15am Made it through Part 1: Lesson 3 Lesson 3: State Management In this lesson, I learned more about state management in React. There are three main parts of state management: With props With function components With controlled components Section 3.1: Passing Data with... Read More

  3. React ND - Day #1

    Last week, I mentioned enrolling in Udacity’s React Nanodegree program. I’m already pretty familiar with React, but I feel like I have a lack of foundation when it comes to the building principles of React. So, I was pretty excited when I found out about Udacity’s new React Nanodegree. Here’s... Read More

  4. Hacking the Google Places Autocomplete API

    For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on implementing a location search box using Google Places API. It would be used to apply a location filter on a list of user profiles. To do so, I needed to use the Autocomplete API which provides a nice type-ahead-search behavior... Read More

  5. Internship Wrap-Up

    Oh my goodness. It is officially my last week as a Cerner intern. *sad face* When I began the internship, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, especially since half of my friends work for Cerner. The internship is going to start off slow with orientation and... Read More