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  1. Hacking the Google Places Autocomplete API

    For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on implementing a location search box using Google Places API. It would be used to apply a location filter on a list of user profiles. To do so, I needed to use the Autocomplete API which provides a nice type-ahead-search behavior... Read More

  2. Internship Wrap-Up

    Oh my goodness. It is officially my last week as a Cerner intern. *sad face* When I began the internship, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, especially since half of my friends work for Cerner. The internship is going to start off slow with orientation and... Read More

  3. It's Discovery Week at Udacity!

    A little over a year ago, I was a relatively new developer. I was really enthusiastic and passionate about improving my coding skills, especially in the areas of web and mobile development. Even though I was in school for Computer Science, the curriculum doesn’t exactly teach you how to develop... Read More

  4. One Liners - Using Array.prototype.some

    We all can agree that JavaScript can be a huge pain sometimes (ok, maybe all the time). It’s constantly changing and there are a lot of nuances with its methods. A couple years ago, I was introduced to ES6 and all of its awesome new features, particularly its new iterative... Read More

  5. React Riot

    I had so much fun with the previous hackathon that I wanted to try another. I searched online and found React Riot. It’s a 48-hour online React hackathon held over this past weekend. It was the worst weekend I could’ve possibly chosen to participate in a hackathon. I had a... Read More

  6. My First Hackathon

    Two weeks ago, I had decided to join a hackathon sponsored by the company I’m interning at this summer, Cerner. It was a hackathon for interns and apprentices, and this will be the my first hackathon ever. It was a whole week long so it won’t interfere with our actual... Read More

  7. Pretty JSON

    I first learned about the JSON.stringify() method from a senior developer during an internship. Since then, I’ve used it A LOT to debug JS code, but one thing that always annoyed me was how it prints the whole JSON object in one long line. I spent a good 30 minutes... Read More

  8. CSS Tricks: Responsive Tables

    For a current project I’m working on, I had the task to create a generic table view. There were a few caveats. The website will be used in schools so that means a lot of Internet Explorer users… possibly old versions of IE as well. Well, that stinks. My first... Read More

  9. Command Line Sass

    Turns out there is a way to use SASS without an application like Rails or Compass. It is fairly easy to get it up and running, especially if you are developing on a Mac because Ruby already comes pre-installed! ️️Otherwise, you’ll need to install Ruby on your computer. After Ruby... Read More

  10. #TopSetup: Checking In

    Ooo wee. It’s been almost a month since Top Setup was created! I’ve done quite a bit of development since then. It’s starting to look pretty sharp. Have a look at some of these fancy pictures 😬 I’ve learned a bit more about Rails too. The rails g scaffold feature... Read More