React Riot

June 26, 2017 - 2 minute read -
react hackathon

I had so much fun with the previous hackathon that I wanted to try another. I searched online and found React Riot. It’s a 48-hour online React hackathon held over this past weekend. It was the worst weekend I could’ve possibly chosen to participate in a hackathon. I had a work deadline to meet. I had a talent show to emcee. I had a summer camp to prepare. I had many things going on.

Oh well, I still wanted to do this hackathon. My spirits were high from the previous one and I really wanted to see what I can accomplish within 48 hours without a team versus a whole week with a team. I’m also a big fan of React so this hackathon was a perfect opportunity to practice my React skills and learn about new libraries and framework out there that I can pair with React. What did I decide to do?

A few weeks into my current internship, I was really curious about freelancing work. I found UpWork which was a really great site to find freelancing gigs. There was also Craigslist’s jobs section, but who knows how many of those are actually legit. So, I had the idea of creating an app where people can come to find odd jobs around their area to make quick cash.

People can also post jobs if they need someone to help out. For example, a restaurants desperately needs a busser because their busboy skipped out on work. They can find someone quickly on this app. Also, someone might be short of cash for that new PlayStation 5000. They can find a quick job to earn that extra money on this app.

It was busy weekend and I only managed to get about 15 hours of coding in. Regardless, the project turned out pretty good and I’m happy with the outcome. 😌 Voting and judging has begun and will end on July 2nd! Check out the project here and give it a vote if you like it. Feedback is also much appreciated!

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